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Can addicts feel love again

My bf has been an addict for since his early 20s, now he is 42, during the past over decades, he tried to get clean by moving to another country. and he did, was clean for a few years, untill he picked up again. Not long after that he met me. it was kept away from me for years, and i enabled him financially without knowing, and we were on an off for years, untill he decided to tell me the truth, since then, i been helping him to make up mind to go rehab get help. He went back two times past two years. last time he came out was last September. I believe he not touched any heroin his DOC since then, but tried a few others, like yabba (his words), crack, and cocaine till he had a very bad pschosis attack made him finally realize, no drug is safe. so for past two month, he is in Thailand alone for his recovery as strong recovery society there. He still drinks sometimes, but no drugs. we hadn't had intimate for long time, and we did go docs for his psychosis, during the test, i know he lost drive for it and has no interest in opposite sex. 

He's been so numb for so long, can he feel love again? and how long into recovery will he be able to feel? I been by his side helping him, volunteered to be his safety net for so long, i am not even sure if he loves me and he not sure either as he not sure of any of his feeling. how pathetic is this. 

Posted: 07/16/2018 12:31 AM

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