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Meth & ADD/ADHD, what is Meth suppose to feel like??

Hello All,

I just went through a roller coaster with a X boyfriend, who, with the help of this site, I discovered is a Meth Addict.  My previous post was "Meth, GHB, can He be a Casual User?" in case you're curious.

My NEW question is.......while experimenting with him, I never really felt the Big effects of Meth. I tried it several times, It almost felt like he was determined to get me to feel what he felt, and I never did.

What I did feel, was slightly more alert, like the mental haze that I am usually in, was all clear. Clarity.....is all I felt, I mean, I also felt the rapid heartbeat and didn't eat. But it really wasn't anything big and I didn't really desire, crave, or want it.

What my doctor told me is that I may possibly have ADD (after asking me several questions), she said people with ADD/ADHD have a different reaction to Meth, it affects them differently, and to drugs in general.

She has given me some tests, and referred me to a Mental Health Specialist........ BUT in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this??

All my life, I've gotten by with Personality, Cuteness and Smarts, but almost everyone I've come across in school and professionally has told me, I never reached my full potential.

The details of life overwhelm me, I get so distracted sometimes I miss the street I live on, not once or twice, but often.

Anyway,,,just wondering what you all know or have heard.

What is one suppose to feel when smoking Meth??

Thank You in advance, for reading this post.

And if noone knows what the heck I'm talking about, no worries, I will find out soon enough. It's just that sometimes doctors are so full of mumbo jumbo, that this could take weeks!

Thanks again....

Posted: 10/17/2012 4:10 PM

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In Response to: Meth & ADD/ADHD, what is Meth suppose to feel like??

I would think concentrating on ADD  is vastly more important for your future than dwelling on what meth felt like in the past. See if there's a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) chapter in your area. They have an excellent website with discussion groups based on diagnosis.

Posted: 10/17/2012 7:43 PM

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In Response to: Meth & ADD/ADHD, what is Meth suppose to feel like??

ADHD is a diagnosis based on observations and ruling out of other causes for your symptoms.  That is why the doctor sent you to a mental health professional.  ADHD is characterized by inattentiveness, disorganization, impusivity, and sometimes hyperactivity. Sometimes people with ADHD have poor social skills, sometimes they have well developed social skills. I have ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, combined type.  Two of my three children also have it; one has Inattentive type, and one has Combined (Hyperactive and Inattentive) type. Sometimes people with ADHD do have different reactions to different drugs....and quite a few attempt to self medicate with recreational/illegal drugs, all in an attempt to feel "normal".  The thing is there are legal drugs to mediate the effect of ADHD.  These drugs do not give you anykind of rush.  They often do not have any noticeable feeling.  Their effects are often seen, not felt....your bills are paid on time, you are less distractible, more focused, you no longer miss deadlines and appointments. A key element to successful treatment is that the person with ADHD participate in therapy in conjunction with medication.  The therapy should be to address difficulties the person experiences related to ADHD...how do I become more organized, how can I meet that deadline, how can I work on my impulsivity, etc.  There is an organization dedicated to providing support and info for folks with ADHD:CHADD @ http://www.chadd.org/

Also, I have to say this: dont fool yourself into thinking the Meth did not affect you. It did, you didn't know it; it is a sly sly drug, and grabs a hold of your soul when you are least expecting it.  Be very afraid, and never let that killer into your body ever again. If you do have ADHD, you are at a much greater risk for developing an addiction.

Posted: 10/17/2012 8:18 PM

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In Response to: Meth & ADD/ADHD, what is Meth suppose to feel like??

 Thank you for that information, I don't ever want to touch Meth again, but I did experience that feeling of clarity, which I hope can be obtained with legit meds.

Like I said diagnosis is probably a ways away, so I'm trying to understand, as much as, I can.

Thanks for the tips!


Posted: 10/17/2012 11:10 PM

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In Response to: Meth & ADD/ADHD, what is Meth suppose to feel like??

my son is ADHD.  mostly disorganized.  he was diagnosed in late elementary school.....but regardless, as mentioned above...don't dwell on the fact that you "didn't feel anything" with the meth.  cocaine gives you "clarity" too...or it did for me.  i could "organize" anything while on that stuff.  afterwards, couldn't find a thing i had put anywhere.  please just stay away from these temptations.

i am hoping that you've stood your ground and that your former boyfriend is just that....former?  good luck to you.

Posted: 10/18/2012 2:32 PM

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In Response to: Meth & ADD/ADHD, what is Meth suppose to feel like??

Well I saw the Psychiatrist.  The official diagnosis is ADHD-INATTENTIVE.  He also says I tested high for depression. He prescribed Vyvanse 40mg, Lexipro, and Ambien. I've never been on anything before.

He said the reason Meth is so powerful for someone like me, is because it gives us a "Normal" feeling for the first time ever, but since we dont feel a rush or euphoria, then we think we can use it casually. He says then, when you least expect it, it has it's evil grip on you.    

He says for someone like me who actually needs meds, it can be highly addictive.


He also said, that I sure chose a hardcore drug to experiment with, especially since I had no previous experience with drugs.


aAnyway tomorrow I start my meds. We'll see how it goes. 

Posted: 10/18/2012 6:52 PM

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