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Hello everyone.

My name is Jerry, and I'm a recovering drug addict. It doesn't matter that I haven't used in three years now (and counting). I will always be an addict. That's why I will ever keep an ever vigilant eye on myself, on my thoughts...and on my behaviors.

I am 38 years old and I come from a little town in Kentucky that I'm confident in saying that you have never heard of. Lol.

I found this site, quiet by accident. I looked it over, and I thought, what a good idea....why didn't I think to look for this sooner?

I wanted to join the community because I feel that one of the most important things that I can do as an addict in recovery is to help others the way that someone once helped me. I feel it it's crucial, to shine a light into the darkest places and carry a message of hope to those who feel hopeless in their darkest hours.

I think that if I am able to share a word with someone to ease their pain, suffering or worry, then I should be doing so. 

I think that if I am able to spare one soul the torment I lived through....if I can save one single person from experiencing what I had to endure, then my time here will be well spent.

I am open for anyone to ask a question or to someone who needs an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. That being said, I do believe that it's important to warn said persons up front that I am very honest, forthright, forthcoming and open. In other words, don't ask me what I think, unless you really want to know. Lol.

I promise you that I would never say anything to hurt your feelings on purpose...I wouldn't hurt ya for the world. But sometimes, we need people who are bold enough, brave enough, wise enough....to see through the B.S. and call us on it. Which doesn't mean that we should not, or can not approach the scenario with love, respect and compassion. 

I promise to extend the hand of fellowship to everyone, member or not, without judgement or bias. I promise to afford folks the same courtesy as they will allow me. That's fair enough, right?

I look forward to making new friends and having the chance to reach out to others who need a word of comfort or support.

May God bless us, each and every one, and send his angels to be encamped about us to keep us safe.




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Recovering addict since 03/13

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